We experience change as an event, which may be desired, or undesired. It may be initiated by an external circumstance or an internal shift.  When we talk about transition, it is the internal process through which we move through the mental and emotional landscape of change, re-orienting ourselves to a new reality.

Whether change occurs from an internal desire, or an external circumstance, either way, it begins with the ending of something. At the centre of any transition, whether it be relational or circumstantial, it is the relationship that is being altered with ourselves.

If we can learn to embrace life as the teacher and understand that transition is the path to personal growth, we can develop a deeper understanding of the role of change and how it can serve us on our journey through life.

It can be a crisis of some sort that initiates change.  A crisis through which we enter into chaos, where the foundation of our known reality crumbles, creating the space for form to take on a new shape.

As in the metamorphosis of the butterfly, we evolve through the transition process by first letting go of our known reality to enter into the process of change, transition and then transformation.

The ease through which we move through transitions, depends on our understanding of the process we are in, and the tools we have available, to help us navigate the inner and outer landscape of change.

When we have a deeper understanding of the process that we are in, and when we have the support and tools available, we can ground ourselves within a transitional framework knowing that while it may be difficult, we will move through with greater knowledge and understanding of ourselves.



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