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Life is Change

We experience change as an event, which may be desired, or undesired. It may be initiated by an external circumstance or an internal shift.  When we talk about transition, it is the internal process through which we move through the mental and emotional landscape of change, re-orienting ourselves to a new reality. Whether change occurs […]

Transformational Travel

Travel can be as much about moving away from, as moving towards. I see travel from two perspectives. There is the time-out travel by which we take a hiatus from our everyday routines, to sightsee, relax and rejuvenate to then return to our lives and continue on, all the better for the break we have had. This […]

Note #5: Taking the leap

Sitting in front of my excel spreadsheet and looking over my finances, I felt a sinking feeling inside. How in the world am I going to make the changes and live the life I desire, when not even that is crystal clear at this point, and finances do not dictate a vast amount of time […]

Note #4: The search for self

How far back must I search, in my endeavour to understand and unravel from the patterns and conditioning through which I have lived my life?  The experiences imprinted on me which lead to my choices? To my parents? My ancestors?  My cultural heritage? Or do I start at the fundamental root of life naturally expressed […]

Note #2: What are you at the edge of?

What are you at the edge of? Feeling at your wit’s end, the last straw, that nagging feeling inside that will not give you a moment’s peace. That thing that keeps you up at night, or sends you looking in the medicine cabinet for relief. Are you able to identify what that is? It’s a […]

Note #1: Life as a Tree

I have always admired trees. They know their place within the big circle of life. From a tiny seed, they grow strong roots within the earth and stretch their branches up to the sky. Rooted in their purpose in this ecosystem, they reach out, touch and sustain other life forms, each with their own unique […]